The first year that the Synagogue was opened, there were five weddings. By the turn of the century it had hosted 250. To date we are delighted to have listed over 3,000 wedding ceremonies within the New West End Synagogue, and if you haven't reviewed this yet you can view a selection of these past ceremonies under the heading PAST WEDDINGS. We want you to enjoy every aspect of this very special day to its fullest, from the first contact to the breaking of the glass – so we will do our best to make sure that we are available to answer your questions, as and when they arise.

The rabbi & chazan

The Rabbi and the Chazan of the New West End Synagogue will be very happy to conduct your ceremony. However, you may wish to invite your own Rabbi or Chazan to officiate. You are welcome to do this providing they have the approval of the Office of the Chief Rabbi.

Music at the New West End

Michael Etherton, the Music Director of the New West End Synagogue, leads our OUTSTANDING CHOIR. Their beautiful singing can enhance your very special service and samples of this can be heard here. Please note there is an additional fee structure for the choir – so please do ask the secretary when you are calling or visiting the Synagogue. Should you wish to engage a musician to provide other musical accompaniment we do have a list of approved musicians. You may also wish to bring your own choir or musicians but here again these must be first approved by the New West End Synagogue.

Additional Requirements

Within the lobby of the Synagogue is a lovely Brides Room, where the bride can calm her nerves, adjust her dress and veil and prepare herself mentally, prior to the ceremony. It is also the place where the Bedeken is performed. The Brides Room, the magnificent Synagogue lobby and the Chuppah can all be decorated with flowers to create the most beautiful floral backdrop. The Synagogue Office can advise on names of companies that provide additional services such as florists, car hire and photography. Parking for guests is clearly shown on our map area under LOCATION. We ensure nothing is forgotten.